Power Solution for an Engineering Equipment Fuel Injector (PMP7967)

The PMP7967 converts a DC input of 6V-42V to an output of 90V at 1.5A. The design uses four interleaved LM5122 boost controllers with each controller switching at 100kHz. The resulting 4-phase boost converter has a ripple frequency of 400kHz. Freqeucny can also be synchronized to an external signal. Four 330μF aluminum electrolytic capacitors are used at the output to support sudden load current demands in the fuel injector solenoids.


4-phase boost converter with 90V/1.5A output 100kHz switching frequency with 400kHz effective input and output ripples 6V to 42V input voltage range, good for 12V or 24V lead acid batteries 1.32mF total output capacitance to support sudden load demands


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Power Solution for an Engineering Equipment Fuel Injector PMP7967

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