150W Boost Converter with LM5121 Reference Design (PMP8673)

The PMP8673 reference design is a synchronous boost converter optimized for high efficiency while maintaining a small form factor. This reference design has a voltage input range of 34.5-37.5V (35V nominal) and provides an output voltage of 55.5V. The synchronous boost topology enables efficiencies greater than 97% in the 2-3A load range. The switching frequency is set for 400Khz allowing the use of smaller external components and a total board area of less than 60 square centimeters.


Efficiency >97% in a load range of 2A..3A Ultra small with high power density Adjustable output voltage from 38V to 55.5V 150W output power 200W hold up for 10ms Output ripple < 0.5% 90% transient response < 1% Load regulation < 0.05% With disconnection switch


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150W Boost Converter with LM5121 Reference Design PMP8673

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